Image Asset Generation


  "images": {
    "directories": [
    "conditionalDirectories": {
      "MonoAndroid": [ "Images\\Android" ],
      "Xamarin.iOS": [ "Images\\iOS" ]
    "watermarkOpacity": null,
    "disable": false


While you should generally configure directories in the buildtools.json, there may be times which you need to conditionally add additonal search directories for your images. For these times you can use the build property BuildToolsImageSearchPath to set any additional directories in a semi-colon separated list as shown here:



If you have an image name that contains white space such as foo bar.png, the Mobile.BuildTools will sanitize the file name replace any contiguous white space characters with a single -. This normalization is required by Android and will mean that you will need to reference the image as foo-bar.png.